[PATCH][2.4] Fix to allow ethtool to work with large bus #s

Julie DeWandel jdewand at redhat.com
Wed Oct 29 05:19:19 EST 2003

Attached is a patch that fixes an issue which may have been overlooked
when the large bus support was added to 2.4. When the final bus number
had been determined, the slot_name field in the pci_dev structure was
not updated to reflect the new bus number so, consequently, it contained
incorrect data. Because ethtool uses the slot_name field when it sends
data to the user via "ETHTOOL_GDRVINFO", the data being written to user
space was wrong for any device with a large bus number.

The attached patch updates the slot_name field once the large bus number
has been determined. The patch also extends the "slot_name" field of the
pci_dev structure to 10 characters to accommodate the longer name. Note
that extending this field does not affect ethtool since "slot_name" is
copied into the 32-character "bus_info" field of the ethtool_drvinfo
structure that is written to user space.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

Julie DeWandel <jdewand at redhat.com>

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