[PATCH] ppc64dlpar_io module - review request

Dave Hansen haveblue at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 23 06:29:12 EST 2003

These should probably be tabs, not spaces.
+ppc64dlpar_io-objs      :=      ppc64dlpar_core.o \
+                               ppc64dlpar_sysfs.o

There are some more examples of that in the C code.  You should probably
just look for all parts that have more than 8 spaces in any of the C
code and turn them into tabs.

Also, do you think "dlapr_ops" is a good name?  What about people in the
future that want to support adding and removing pci slots?  They might
not use the lpar terminology.  Can't those files just go in the slot
directory?  Or, maybe some plain "control" or "operations" directory...

Dave Hansen
haveblue at us.ibm.com

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