[PATCH] ppc64dlpar_io module - review request

John Rose johnrose at austin.ibm.com
Thu Oct 23 05:34:28 EST 2003

Attached is the source for the IBM pSeries Dynamic Logical Partitioning
(DLPAR) module.  DLPAR technology allows the logical addition or
removal of PCI buses (I/O Slots) at runtime.  This module implements
the user-space interface for initiating DLPAR adds and removes.  The
patch is made against the latest Ameslab 2.6 tree.

After the firmware calls have been made to logically move a slot
to/from a partition, the kernel must update both PCI and PCI Hotplug to
reflect the newly added/removed bus.  Due to pSeries firmware firmware
design, this kernel work must be initiated from user-space.  This
module creates the following sysfs interface files:

The user-space DLPAR tools initiate an add/remove by writing the slot
name of interest to the appropriate interface file.  A subsequent read
gives you a return code for the operation.  This module has a dependency
on the PCI Hotplug module posted by Linda Xie, and this patch will not
apply cleanly unless the Hotplug patch is applied first.  Specifically,
the DLPAR module uses the following PCI Hotplug functions:

Comments/questions/criticisms welcome!

John Rose <johnrose at austin.ibm.com>
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