biarch support for 2.6, missing kdb pieces

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Thu Oct 16 20:11:59 EST 2003

Anton Blanchard wrote:
> > No.  mtcrf syntax is the same in both power4 and non-power4 versions.
> > The only difference is that with -mcpu=power4 the assembler sets
> > bit 1<<20 of the insn if exactly one cr field is being set.
> So there is no way I can force it in assembly? We have a code path that
> is performance critical (SLB reload) and only executed by POWER4 machines,
> Id like that to use the fast mtcrf even if the rest of the kernel does not.

You can use  .long 0xabcdef01  (you'll have to look up the real value yourself)
if it's really critical for you.


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