power4 optimization

David Edelsohn dje at watson.ibm.com
Thu Oct 16 04:58:19 EST 2003

>>>>> Hollis Blanchard writes:

Hollis> Questions:
Hollis> 1. what version of gcc started using the mtcrf optimization?

	FSF GCC 3.4.  I do not know if this has been backported to GCC 3.3
distributed for Power Linux.

Hollis> 2. do RS64 CPUs support mtcrf?

	All processors support mtcrf.  Only POWER4 and above support the
two operand form of mfcr specifying a field or fields.  The single-field
form of mtcrf is treated specially on POWER4 and above.

Hollis> 3. what is the marketing name for RS64? :) (for the Kconfig help text)

	RS64 (RS64-I, RS64-II, RS64-III, RS64-IV).


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