[PATCH][2.4] VIO infrastructure - commit

Santiago Leon santil at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 5 10:37:38 EST 2003

Hi everybody,

Here's the patch again with the following changes due to suggestions
from last post:

- Moved the functionality of vio_get_irq() into vio_register_device()
and call vio_build_tce_table() from vio_register_device().
- Use prom_n_addr_cells() instead of calling
- vio_register_device now accepts a device_node* instead of a void*.
- Use list_for_each_entry() instead of list_for_each() plus
- Fixed spelling errors.

Unless there is an objection, I'm planning to commit it by Friday...

Santiago A. Leon
Power Linux Development
IBM Linux Technology Center
Off: (919) 254-6048  T/L: 444-6048  Fax: (919) 543-7378
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