biarch support for 2.6, missing kdb pieces

Olaf Hering olh at
Mon Nov 3 19:14:40 EST 2003

 On Wed, Oct 15, Anton Blanchard wrote:

> Hi,
> > This patch adds biarch support, removes the hardcoded power4 (which will
> > result in a missing tlbiel handling in pSeries_flush_hash_range()) and
> > adds a missing kdb file (copied from 2.4).
> It makes sense to optimise for POWER4 in the default kernel. Up until
> recently -mcpu=POWER4 would tune for it but would still run on RS64 and

current bk doesnt boot unless I remove the -mcpu=power4 and #if 0 the
tlbiel calls. system is p610, hangs in instantiating rtas.

we need plan B now. soon.

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