New Kernel on a RS6000 44p 170

Peter Bergner peter at
Thu Mar 27 02:39:27 EST 2003

Bürgin Daniel (KTSS 1) wrote:
> I installed Debian Woody on my 44p Box with the How-to's
> from Rolf Brudeseth mailto:rolfb at
> That works fine, but with a old Kernel 2.4.16 from Suse.
> Now i would like to compile my own Kernel with some
> differnt Network Settings.
> I've tried the last stable Kernel from Bitkeeper 2.4.21-pre5
> with Architecture set to "Power3". Compiling is ok, i used
> the arch/ppc/boot/images/zImage.chrp and zImage.chrp-rs6k,
> but when i boot the
> Kernel i get the following Output on Console:
> .
> Please wait, loading kernel...
>    Elf32 kernel loaded...
> That's it ! After that, the System hangs.
> Can Anybody give me a hint witch Kernel Sources i should take
> and witch config Settings i should use ?

I'm not sure how good the POWER3 support is in the 32-bit ppc
kernel, so...   However, the 64-bit ppc64 kernel runs just fine
on my 44p-170.  More info can be found at
Short answer is that Marcelo's 2.4.21-pre6 code should work
straight out of the box.


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