Kernel startup problems on p630

linas at linas at
Tue Jun 10 05:46:04 EST 2003

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 10:27:06AM +0530, VAKKALANKA  RAO Sridhar wrote:
> Dave (Boutcher), Linas,
> Your sense of humor

Thank you, you can't have fun if you aren't having fun.

> You also mentioned that you are resynching to the most recent level of
> 2.4.21 in the next day or two. Do you intend to make it work on a p630
> in SMP mode?

Is there a reason why you aren't choosing to work with a vendor-supplied
kernel? (i.e. one provided by SuSE; possibly by RedHat?)

The reason I ask is that software bugs do come up, they do get fixed,
and eventually wind thier way from various developer trees and patches
into the mainstream distributions.  As long as you work with source
code of semi-official provenance, there is a chance that you are working
with known-buggy code, or code that might not yet have been tested, etc.
By comparison, the SuSE kernels have been thoroughly tested, and should
'just work', without all the messing around.


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