? about building 64-bit glibc with UL 1.0

vince vince at io.com
Sat Jun 7 06:24:14 EST 2003

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Steve Munroe wrote:

> > Where am I supposed to restore these files? Under the glibc-2.2 source
> > directory? Even with it(which would seem correct since the glibc spec
> > file has the "cd ../kernel-headers" in it)?
> If you are building for that machine, you can use the kernel headers in
> /usr/include/[asm|linux]. This is the default.
> If you also plan to build new kernels then you will need separate kernel
> headers directories. You can put these headers almost anywhere, but you
> need to tell glibc configure where they are using the --with-headers=
> option.

Thanks for the reply, Steve. I think I was coming to a similar conlusion
thinking about this at lunch. Since I'm building on the same machine
I'm targeting, I should be able to use existing 64-bit glibc headers/libs
already installed on the machine. This is what I did with the 32-bit
compiler. All I had to do was change the target to powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu
(rather than powerppc64-unknown-linux-gnu) and build binutils then gcc.

The only problem I had was figuring out how to tell the gcc config step
where to get these files from(then it copied them out to my target dir).
Using --with-headers/libs took care of that. If I didn't do this, the
gcc compile failed because it couldn't find crti.0.

Let's see how far I get by leaving glibc out of the equation.

Thanks again!
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