Kernel startup problems on p630

Mike Lyons mlyons at
Fri Jun 6 09:21:27 EST 2003

Dave Engebretsen wrote:
>The point in the boot process where you see this message is a difficult
>spot to draw any conclusions on what the actual error is.  There is
>quite a bit of code that runs after this message, and before the next
>one.  Therefore it is not clear to me what might be occuring.  The only
>problem I am aware of on a p630 involving firmware levels requires you
>to be running in LPAR mode, and I do not belive this would be the

>> Can anyone give me some advise?

I agree with Dave the known problem involving interaction between
firmware level and the p630 would not show this symptom (that problem
occurs further on during SCSI DMA).

What level of firmware are you running?  Is there anything in the
service processor error logs?

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