powerpc64-linux-g++ host types

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Actually, I don't think this is an AIX Toolbox g++ question.  This question
to building ELF64 objects with g++ on AIX, presumably as a cross-compile;
the gcc and g++ compiler versions in the AIX Toolbox produce XCOFF
to be run natively on AIX itself.  They can produce 64-bit XCOFF, but they
use the
AIX native libc.a, without glibc.

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Hi Bradley,

I think you might be asking the wrong development team. I assume you are
using the GNU tools which run on AIX and are part of the AIX Toolbox of
Linux Applications. I copied David Clissold on this note. David is the
Toolbox owner and can answer your question.



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I'm not sure if this is a user question or a dev question, but I'll try
here first.  We have gotten ELF64 gcc working wonderfully on our build
machines, which exclusively run AIX (4.3 & 5.1).  However, some people are
clamoring for C++ now.  Has anyone successfully generated an ELF64 g++?
The barrier seems to be, the requirement of glibc, which will not configure
on AIX.  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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