machine check exception

Anton Blanchard anton at
Tue Feb 11 23:08:38 EST 2003

Hi Todd,

> Ok, with input from Dave Altobelli I rearranged the code slightly
> (sorry, this version is relative to 2.4).  He suggested we not kill of
> pids 0 and 1 which is a very good idea.  Note that we will panic instead
> of signaling 0 or 1 which isn't more productive...but perhaps more
> obvious as to what happened.  He also suggested that we only handle
> uncorrectable ECC errors.
> Here is the new code.  Again, the patch is not terribly readable but I
> can send it to anyone who wants to see it.  I removed
> power4_handle_mce() from the 2.5 code and replaced it with
> recover_mce().  The panic path in 2.5 will be slightly different.

Looks good! I merged it into the 2.5 tree. In fact Im chasing something
that results in a machine check then a complete lockup (on a p690 running

Paul just reminded me that we should probably be doing rtas check-exception
when we get a machine check. I assume this isnt required on a machine
with FWNMI since it does the work for us, right?


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