Hotplug CPU

Anton Blanchard anton at
Mon Feb 3 21:33:45 EST 2003

Hi Matt,

> I downloaded the following patches:
> cpucontrols.patch, based on 2.5.46
> hotcpu-cpudown.patch, based on 2.5.44
> hotcpu-cpudown-ppc64.patch, based on 2.5.33
> These were called "Driverfs CPU controls", "Hotplug CPU Remove Generic
> Code", and "Hotplug CPU Remove for PPC64", respectively.
> I am interested in finding out the following:
> 1) Are there more recent patches?

Yes they are the most recent.

> 2) Did I miss a patch somewhere?  I do not have the /proc/sys/cpu
>    interface on my machine when I patch, fix the parts that don't
>    patch, compile and boot the kernel.

My understanding is that things will end up in the sysfs filesystem.
There is already some support for cpu features there (eg cpu

> 3) (This one I'll look up soon anyways) Have any of these patches been
>    submitted and accepted into the main ppc64 tree?

Not yet.

> 4) Is there any work or code so far for hotplug CPU add?

I think there has been some work on this. I was planning on doing the
ppc64 bits but Ive been given several other high priority things to do.


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