srp.h and viosrp.h

David Boutcher boutcher at
Sat Dec 20 03:22:38 EST 2003

Troy Benjegerdes <hozer at> wrote on 12/19/2003 09:32:40 AM:
> Is this the same SRP I keep hearing about in Infiniband? If so, are we
> going to wind up with conflicts with infiniband drivers?
> Have you take a look at the sourceforge infiniband stack at all? (the
> only open source stack I know of so far)

Yes, this is exactly the same SRP, and all the definitions in these files
are from the SRP specification that will be used for Infiniband.  Since the
"S" in SRP stands for SCSI, /drivers/scsi SEEMED like a good place....and
probably a better place than /include/scsi, since those header files are
mainly concerned with the interface from user to kernel for SCSI ops.  The
SRP definitions define the interface out the bottom of the kernel to the
device (over some interface like infiniband.)

I looked at the sourceforge code a while ago, I should go back and see if
it has changed wasn't moving too fast last time I looked at

Dave Boutcher
IBM Linux Technology Center

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