RS/6000 44P Model 270 44P

Tom Gall tom_gall at
Thu Aug 7 01:35:42 EST 2003

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 08:32 AM, Jeremy Rodriguez wrote:

> I have a IBM RS/6000 44P  Model 270 with a WYSE WY-60 hooked up to it.
> What
> version of linux will definitely work on it?

SuSE SLES8 as well as Redhat.

Debian is possible but requires some effort on your part.

Mandrake is probably possible too but you'd need to build yourself a
ppc32 kernel with power3 support and even then make sure you don't have
a box with > 3 gig of memory.

> I have tried Mandrake and received the error below. I posted to their
> groups
> but  had no success.
> Has anybody installed linux on this box before?

Yup have one in my office ... runs great.


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