RS/6000 44P Model 270 44P

Jeremy Rodriguez jeremyrodriguez at
Wed Aug 6 23:32:49 EST 2003

I have a IBM RS/6000 44P  Model 270 with a WYSE WY-60 hooked up to it. What
version of linux will definitely work on it?
I have tried Mandrake and received the error below. I posted to their groups
but  had no success.
Has anybody installed linux on this box before?

I am trying to install 9.1 PPC on an IBM RS/6000 44P  Model 270 with a WYSE
WY-60 hooked up to it. I have made the boot floppies and changed the prom:

setenv boot-device boot floppy:\zimage
setenv boot-file fake_initrd root=/dev/fd0 rw load_ramdisk=1

After it starts to boot itgoes to >
boot chrpboot starting: loaded at 0x00400000
gunzipping (0x000100000 <- 0x004062b8:0x00400000
49112 bytes of heap consumed, max in use 41064
start address = 0x10000
instantinating rtas at 00600000 ... done
copying of device tree...done
returning 0x00010000 from prom_init

The system is in a hung state. I have no X so I need to do a text install.
Has anyone had these errors occur? I am not really sure where to go from
here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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