2.5 kernel on Power3

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun Apr 27 10:27:42 EST 2003


I've been trying for some time (off and on ...) to build a working
2.5 kernel for a Power3 system (a dual-processor 43P/260).  I've
been compiling with an up-to-date CVS+patches GCC 3.3, and have tried
using both the 2.5.66 source from kernel.org and the bk treee from

In all of my attempts, I've just done "make menuconfig" and saved
the generated .config file.  Nothing in that .config loooks grossly
implausible to me, but I suppose that it might to someone who
actually knew what they were doing ...

The generated kernels all hang at the same point (the last message
is "returning from prom_init").  I've tried pulling the video
card (a repackaged Matrox Mystique, or something like it) and the
only difference is that the "returning from prom_init" message is
diverted to a serial console.

There are probably lots of subtle things that could be going wrong
at this point; it'd certainly be nice if there was something blatant
and obvious at the root of the problem ...

Is anyone running 2.5.x on a Power3 ? If not, is this known not to
work currently ? If so, was it necessary to change any of the
configuration defaults (or do something else differently from
what I've tried ?)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Gary Byers
gb at clozure.com

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