32bit kernel

Armin Schindler mac at melware.de
Thu Sep 5 00:42:31 EST 2002

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Peter Bergner wrote:
> Armin Schindler wrote:
> : I use SuSE SLES 7 on my 44p/270 and to do the porting of
> : a driver to big-endian/64bit a little bit easier (in two steps),
> : I thought beginning with big-endian and not 64bit is a good idea.
> : So the question is, is it possible to use a 32bit linux kernel (ppc)
> : on this machine together with SLES 7 ?
> : What configuration of kernel and yaboot do I need for it ?
> : If there is a documenation for this, I didn't find it.
> A 32-bit kernel should work just fine on that box.  In fact, the
> SLES7 install CD's already have a 32-bit POWER3 kernel on them.
> You should be able to use the one on that CD.  You don't need
> to make any yaboot changes.  Just use the one that was installed.
> Note that the 32-bit kernel does not run on *star or POWER4
> processors, only the POWER3 processor you have.

Thanks, that is what I needed to know.
If I want to compile my own kernel, so I just need to set
it to POWER3 ? Which Kernel-Image do I have to use for yaboot ?


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