32bit kernel

Peter Bergner bergner at brule.borg.umn.edu
Thu Sep 5 00:29:23 EST 2002

Armin Schindler wrote:
: I use SuSE SLES 7 on my 44p/270 and to do the porting of
: a driver to big-endian/64bit a little bit easier (in two steps),
: I thought beginning with big-endian and not 64bit is a good idea.
: So the question is, is it possible to use a 32bit linux kernel (ppc)
: on this machine together with SLES 7 ?
: What configuration of kernel and yaboot do I need for it ?
: If there is a documenation for this, I didn't find it.

A 32-bit kernel should work just fine on that box.  In fact, the
SLES7 install CD's already have a 32-bit POWER3 kernel on them.
You should be able to use the one on that CD.  You don't need
to make any yaboot changes.  Just use the one that was installed.
Note that the 32-bit kernel does not run on *star or POWER4
processors, only the POWER3 processor you have.


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