building 64-bit cross compiler

Viktor Ganich ganich73 at
Thu Oct 17 05:02:23 EST 2002

--- Peter Bergner <peter at> wrote:

> Viktor Ganich wrote:
> : I am trying to build gcc compiler on 64-bit
> PowerPC
> : machine with SLES-8 beta 2 version installed.
> If you really need a 64-bit toolchain and you can't
> get
> one built, there's an rpm on the CD's which gets
> installed
> in /opt/cross/.
Thank you Peter, I decided to follow this advice about
using rpm that comes with SLES.
The only thing is that I installed them not in
/opt/cross, but in DFS, in order to be used by
different users on different machines.
cross-ppc64-glibc/binutils/gcc rpms are relocatable,
but after installation in non-default location(on DFS)
gcc/g++ are looking for libraries ( and
libc_nonshared.a) not in DFS, but in /opt/cross, as
--prefix option cannot be overwritten. It would be a
good idea to put cross-ppc64-...src.rpm on SLES 8.0
CD's to rebuild rpm with the desired prefix, but alas.
As a workaround I suggested to create symbolic links
in /opt/cross/powerpc64-linux/lib on each user's
machine, that will point to libraries in DFS and it
seems to work, but I don't think this is the right way
to do it.


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