building 64-bit cross compiler

Viktor Ganich ganich73 at
Wed Oct 9 11:43:27 EST 2002

I am trying to build gcc compiler on 64-bit PowerPC
machine with SLES-8 beta 2 version installed.
I am following instruction published on
site, I was able to config, build and install latest
binutils and gcc 3.2 (pass one as it is
mentioned on ) after that I built and
installed glibc.
Then I configured the kernel for PPC64 (as it is
required, I changed CROSS_COMPILE in Makefile to point
to $PREFIX/bin/powerpc64-linux- ).
Then I built and installed binutils with enable-shared
option (pass two), but after that I cannot rebuild and
install gcc again (pass two).
I checked the log file after I run configure for gcc
(in pass two), it says that I already have in
$PREFIX/powerpc64-linux/bin  cross compiler, is that
right or no ?
But the main question for me is: do we build native or
cross compiler during the second pass ? As from log
files I noticed that I am building native one using
previously built cross compiler (after pass one).

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