How/where can I get 64-bit libraries such as libc

Peter Bergner bergner at
Fri Mar 15 03:58:57 EST 2002

Paul Roberts wrote:
: I am part of a group that is trying to port our code to 64bit linux. We
: have SUSE SLES 7 64 bit kernel loaded on our powerpcs. I downloaded
: gcc-2002-03-07-ppc64.diff. I followed the directions and it built and
: installed without any problems. However whenever we try to use this gcc to
: compile anything it fails when it tries to link to a 32 bit shared library
: /lib/

Yes, you cannot link 64-bit objects with 32-bit objects/libraries.

As Tom mention in his note, does your application *really* need to
run as a 64-bit application?  On the PPC64 kernel, not only can you
run PPC32 applications, they run with no performance loss because
they're 32-bit applications.  In fact, they may actually run faster
as a 32-bit application than they would if they were built as a 64-bit

When we (Steve Munroe and myself) get the 64-bit GLIBC work completed
and it is being shipped in future distro releases, most programs will
still continue to be ppc32 applications.  The vision is that only
programs that require big memory spaces like databases, JVM's and
the like will be compiled as 64-bit applications.

If you can live as a 32-bit application, then the installed gcc
(/usr/bin/gcc on SLES-7) is the toolchain you want/need.

: I am assuming we need 64 bit equivalent to and probably a bunch
: of other 32 bit libraries. I am looking for direction on how to obtain
: these libraries. We looked on the CDs from SUSE and did't see anything that
: looked promising.

You won't find the 64-bit toolchain or any 64-bit libraries on SLES-7.

: Also we have a lot of C++ code that we would like to port. It looks as
: if the gcc we downloaded is for C only. What is the status of development
: for g++ on the power pc 64?

The reason you didn't get G++ built is that the build directions
listed on have you specify the configure option
"--enable-languages=c" when building GCC.  If you want G++ too, you
need to specify "--enable-languages=c,c++".  However, to build G++,
you need a 64-bit GLIBC which you don't have!  That toolchain is
really only meant to be used to build the PPC64 kernel which doesn't
need GLIBC to be built.

The state of the 64-bit toolchain on PPC64 is that we are still
debugging some final bugs, cleaning up the code and trying to get
the "OK" from IBM corporate lawyers to release our changes.
Other than that, we have compiled many C and C++ programs successfully
(eg, Apache, MySQL, X/Xlibs,...).  If you *really* need your application
built as a 64-bit app, look me up in BluePages and give me a ring.


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