How/where can I get 64-bit libraries such as libc

Tom Gall tom_gall at
Thu Mar 14 07:23:07 EST 2002

Hi Paul,

Paul Roberts wrote:
> I am part of a group that is trying to port our code to 64bit linux. We
> have SUSE SLES 7 64 bit kernel loaded on our powerpcs. I downloaded
> gcc-2002-03-07-ppc64.diff. I followed the directions and it built and
> installed without any problems. However whenever we try to use this gcc to
> compile anything it fails when it tries to link to a 32 bit shared library
> /lib/

Hmmm ok let me get this straight. You have a set of applications that
you want to port. Do they need to run as 32 bit applications or 64 bit

Remember in ppc64 land, both 32 bit and 64 bit applications can run on
the same machine side by side....

If 32, the tools are already on sles 7 and you don't need a thing, just
use the gcc that is installed on the system. (Not the 64 bit gcc which
at the moment is for kernel compiles)

If you need 64 bit applications the way is a bit more cloudy as the
early port of glibc to 64 bit is still underway. you might want to
contact Steve Munroe up in rochester. He can give you the complete
details on that.

> # make
> /usr/local/bin/gcc        -c -o compileTest.o compileTest.c
> /usr/local/bin/gcc        -o compileTest compiletest.o
> /lib/  could not read symbols:  Invalid operation
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make :  *** [compileTest] Error 1
> I am assuming we need 64 bit equivalent to and probably a bunch
> of other 32 bit libraries. I am looking for direction on how to obtain
> these libraries. We looked on the CDs from SUSE and did't see anything that
> looked promising.  Also we have a lot of C++ code that we would like to
> port. It looks as if the gcc we downloaded is for C only. What is the
> status of development for g++ on the power pc 64?



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