kernel cross-compile

Peter Bergner bergner at
Sat Jun 22 05:12:29 EST 2002

Igor Muratov wrote:
: Yes, I build it on i686 :-(
: Ok If I build cross tools for powerpc-linux, How can I use it?
: I must place this tools together?

Having never done a cross-build from x86, I can't really answer this.
Anyone???  If you installed SuSE's x86->ppc64 cross tools, then I'd
just grab their x86->ppc cross tools too.

: Another way. I can "make vmlinux" but this image is wrong IMHO.
: I try to load it via tftp and have this message on my console

I'm not a tftp expert nor do I use it, but it should work.
If you use the Yaboot bootloader (similar to lilo), then I can
answer questions for you...


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