undefined references in ppc64 libc.so

John Kwan jkwan at mvista.com
Sat Dec 14 04:11:19 EST 2002

Alan Modra wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 04:57:33PM -0800, John Kwan wrote:
> > It seems that symbols in the .opd segment are exported but those
> > in .text segment are not.
> This is likely a symptom of version scripts hiding symbols.  Two fixes
> are available.  The older one modifies glibc/scripts/versions.awk to
> add the dotted symbols to generated version scripts (look for the var
> "dotsyms" in versions.awk).

     I do not find "dotsyms" in my version of  glibc/scripts/version.awk.

      Where do I find this patch?

> The newer one puts the intelligence in
> the linker itself.  Does ld --help show information about "--dotsyms"?
> If not, you ought to upgrade your linker.  I recommend the latest
> CVS binutils source be used for ppc64.

     I did an "ld --help" but do not see any info on "--dotsyms".
     I am using binutils-2.12.1 with the binutils-2.12.1-ppc64.patch
      applied.  What is the version of the latest binutils I should use
     for ppc64, binutil-2.13 ??

     Thanks much for your help.

John Kwan
Montavista Software

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> Alan Modra
> IBM OzLabs - Linux Technology Centre

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