how to make 64bit cross compiler work

Peter Bergner bergner at
Tue Aug 6 23:11:26 EST 2002

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I've been away from work...

Rita Chiu wrote:
: I tried to build the glibc following the instruction in this page:
:  However, I have no luck
: into configuring it.  The error is that my Linux header files are TOO
: OLD.  However, the kernel I am using is version 2.4.2, also it
: shouldn't have check my system's
: /usr/src/linux-2.4.2.SuSE/include/linux/version.h since I used
: --with-headers option (right?).
: Additionally, I couldn't find a <linux/version.h> under the
: --with-headers directory.
: The kernel souces I used for the kernel header files (--with-headers)
: are from the linux-2.4.13.tar.gz file from and I patched
: in linuxppc64-2.4.13-ibm-27.patch.gz from page.  I
: am not sure if this is what <PPC64 Kernel headers> means from the glibc
: instruction.  Also, I am not sure if my kernel is really too old to
: build the glibc.

Those kernel sources should be fine.  However, you'll need to do a
"make {,old,menu,x}config" and "make dep" before you can point your
GLIBC build at those header files.  Make sure you config for PPC64
and not PPC!


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