32bit pointer in 64bit kernel code

Armin Schindler mac at melware.de
Fri Aug 2 19:28:15 EST 2002


I'm new in linux ppc64 and it would be great if someone can help on
some questions. I use SuSE SLES7.

I want to port a PCI card driver to be 64bit compatible and my current
problem is how to tell the cross gcc to produce 32bit pointers.
This is necessary for a structure which is used on the PCI cards
shared memory. This structure, somthing like
struct x {
  int number;
  unsigned char * addr;
  unsigned short val;
need to be correctly aligned and the pointer is 32bit.

I know, I could use unsigned int here, but is there some
kind of __attribute__ for example to tell the 64bit gcc that
this is 32bit pointer ?


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