Ioremap related concern ...

Misbah khan misbah_khan at
Thu Sep 18 14:43:21 EST 2008

Hi all,

i am facing a problem regarding the usage of ioremap function which is
described as:-

1) I am remaping the SDRAM memory into three continews buffer as 
	ptr1 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0001000,0x1000);
	ptr2 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0002000,0x1000);
	ptr3 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0003000,0x1000);

I am filling the data into the SDRAM buffer using these remap pointers 

2)  SDRAM is mmaped to user space into a buffer as 
	struct sdram_buf
		unsigned int buf[4096];

	struct sdram_buf sdram_buf_obj[3];

The mapping looks correct but it doesent work ... :(

	If is do the ioremap like this it works 
	ptr1 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0001000,(0x1000 * 4));
	ptr2 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0002000,(0x1000 * 4));
	ptr3 = (unsigned int *)ioremap(0x0003000,(0x1000 * 4));

	Doing this actually takes more space into the ram memory hence for mapping 
	1 M of Ram memeoy it actually takes 4 MB practically.

Can any one point out the mistake or suggest something ...
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