Not probing devices on PowerPC MPC8247 and kernel 2.6.26

Chris Skepper skepper at
Sat Sep 13 00:46:20 EST 2008

>> I have an MPC8247 based board.  I can get the SMC1 console working, but the 
>> other SCCx serial ports and the FCC1 ethernet doesn't work.
>> It appears that a part of the problem is that the probe methods are not 
>> called.  The "match" table stuff all looks fine and the serial ports and 
>> ethernet are defined in the .dts file. The module init function is called, 
>> but the probe methods are not reached. It seems driver_register gets 
>> called, so why doesn't something call probe?
>> Is there likely to be some problem with the bus setup?
> Are you calling of_platform_bus_probe() from your platform code, and do the 
> soc and cpm nodes match the bus list (I recommend using compatible = 
> "simple-bus")?
> -Scott

Hi Scott,

I added the simple-bus to the soc and cpm nodes and it started working 
just before your email arrived, but it's good to know I did the right 

Thanks for all your help, I've now got my board working very happily with 
Linux 2.6.26 and arch=powerpc.  In the end it was pretty much all in the 
dts file, but I don't think I'd have got there without your hints.



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