SM722 (Lynx3DM+) framebuffer driver

Nathael Pajani nathael.pajani at
Wed Sep 10 21:56:50 EST 2008

Hi !
I know your mail is quite old, but this might still prove useful....
and did you find a solution ?
Do you finally have a driver ? I'm interested in whatever information you have, 
even the links to 2.4 kernel code, or code for SM712 chips. Anything at all in 
fact, so I may try to improve my driver.

I have this device (Silicon Motion SM722 Lynx3DM+) on a powerPC board from ACTIS 

You'll find attached a patch with the SMI driver I made.
It's not as good as it should be, be I have a usable display, being able to use 
xorg, and it's as much as I managed without a vgabios (which they provide for 
x86 arch only).
Note also that uboot on the board does some chip init, so this driver alone may 
not be useful if you don't already have something.

Note also that for my brain's sake I removed parts handling LynxEM chips from 
the original code (which was mainly for mips VR5701-SG2 with LynxEM+).

Have fun, and thank you if you can send in some useful stuff.

Nathaël PAJANI
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