EDK10.1 and emaclite

Georg Schardt schardt at team-ctech.de
Tue Sep 9 02:29:53 EST 2008

Hi all,

im trying to use the emaclite core which comes with the EDK10.1 with the 
2.6.26 kernel from git.xilinx.com on virtex4fx12 minimodul. the emac is 
detect by the kernel:

xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: MAC address is now  2: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0
xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: using fifo mode.
xilinx_emaclite xilinx_emaclite.0: Xilinx EMACLite at 0x81000000 mapped 
to 0xC5060000, irq=0

i can change the mac-address with ifconfig and i can give an ip-address 
to the device,
but a ping is not possible and arp is not working. i think that the phy 
is not working right.

has someone others the same problem ? what can i changed ? i have tried 
out all possible phy driver in the linux  kernel

a setup with the lltemac is working fine, but i want to use the emaclite


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