Using Bestcomm API (DMA) on MPC5200b with Linux?

Dave Best arieswar24b at
Fri Oct 24 00:00:09 EST 2008

I am trying to connect a FPGA/FIFO with my MPC5200b on a phytec PCM 030 board  while running a Linux.

The Linux Kernel source contains an implementation for the Bestcomm API in the form of a driver for ethernet (fec) and ATA.(situated in the arch-powerpc/sysdev/bestcomm path) I tried to make use of it but i've run into some problems.

So i tried to include the API in a module to utilize its functionality but no luck till now.

Freescale supports the Bestcomm DMA API not on an OS level. So the problem is adopting this API into a Linux environment, which distinguishes between kernel space and user space while writing to the appropriate registers.

Further information is very hard to find for such a common task as starting a DMA transfer.



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