xparameters file in the Xilinx kernel tree version 2.6.27-rc4

MingLiu eemingliu at hotmail.com
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Dear John,
Thanks a lot for your quick answering. I am reading the Wiki now...

Subject: RE: xparameters file in the Xilinx kernel tree version 2.6.27-rc4Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 13:48:22 -0600From: John.Linn at xilinx.comTo: eemingliu at hotmail.com; linuxppc-embedded at ozlabs.org

Hi Ming,
Arch/ppc has gone away.  We don’t support it any longer as it went away in the mainline kernel also.  You should migrate to arch/powerpc.
There is a git tag, last-arch-ppc, that is visible from http://git.xilinx.com/linux-2.6-xlnx.git.  You can use that tag in git to reset back to that tag.  Or after clicking on that tag towards the bottom on the http page, you can go to the tree view and get any individual files you would like.
You should go to our wiki site, http://xilinx.wikidot.com to get more data on how to build the newer kernel. 

From: linuxppc-embedded-bounces+john.linn=xilinx.com at ozlabs.org [mailto:linuxppc-embedded-bounces+john.linn=xilinx.com at ozlabs.org] On Behalf Of MingLiuSent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:39 PMTo: linuxppc-embedded at ozlabs.orgSubject: xparameters file in the Xilinx kernel tree version 2.6.27-rc4
Dear all,I downloaded the newest version 2.6.27 kernel from the Xilinx tree. I found that it is much different with the previous version 2.6.24-rc8 we are using. Maybe my question is stupid, but I cannot find the previous xparameters_ml40x.h file in arch/ppc/platform/4xx/xparameters/ in the new arch/powerpc folder. So how can I import my BSP parameters in the new kernel for the customized design? One more question is, I tried "make zImage". But I cannot find the generated zImage.elf, as the previous kernel will do.How to generate the .elf kernel file? Thanks for your help and answering. BRMing 

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