xparameters file in the Xilinx kernel tree version 2.6.27-rc4

MingLiu eemingliu at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 17 06:38:46 EST 2008

Dear all,
I downloaded the newest version 2.6.27 kernel from the Xilinx tree. I found that it is much different with the previous version 2.6.24-rc8 we are using. Maybe my question is stupid, but I cannot find the previous xparameters_ml40x.h file in arch/ppc/platform/4xx/xparameters/ in the new arch/powerpc folder. So how can I import my BSP parameters in the new kernel for the customized design?
One more question is, I tried "make zImage". But I cannot find the generated zImage.elf, as the previous kernel will do.How to generate the .elf kernel file?
Thanks for your help and answering.
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