uImage getting changed each time when kernel build

santhoshunnikrishnan at tataelxsi.co.in santhoshunnikrishnan at tataelxsi.co.in
Thu Oct 16 19:20:22 EST 2008

Hi ,

I am working on SH4 architecture. I observed one strange thing. Each time i
build my kernel image (uImage) the last 10% of the uImage content is
changing. I compared uImages using diff command and with Beyond Compare
tool, which i did using binary as well as rule based comparison with time
stamp comparison disabled. I observed that every time when i build the
kernel image the lower 10% of the uImage differ from the previously build
uImage (build with in 20 min before the last one). Can any one help me to
know the reason behind this behavior? I want to know more about the format
of uImage and what exactly the lower 10% contains? i searched in various
sites and referred the documentation of U-boot. But i dint get the reason
for this behavior. I did the same comparison with vmlinux and vmlinux.bin
and i observed that each time i build these vmlinux and vimlinux.bin they
differ from the previous images (which i build 20 min before the last one )
by a max of 10 lines.
When i opened two vimlinux images (which i build with in a time gap of 20
min)using the readelf command. I observed that the last byte of some of the
address are different in the two vmlinux images. why it is so?
Please help me to understand this.

Santhosh Unnikrishnan


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