Proposal for a Generic PWM Device API posted on linux-embedded

Bill Gatliff bgat at
Thu Oct 16 05:25:38 EST 2008

Greetings, all!

I just posted code to implement a Generic PWM Device API to linux-embedded.  If
you need them, archives of that mailing list are available at the following link
(and elsewhere):

Previous versions of this code were posted on linux-arm-kernel, linuxppc-dev, and elsewhere.  It's an API that cuts across machine
architectures--- not unlike the GPIO API--- and I really appreciate the
constructive feedback I have received from all corners of the architecture globe.

Multiple reviewers suggested that the best place to review the final code is
linux-embedded, rather than cross-posting all over the place.  I encourage you
to submit your feedback there.

I would love to see this code included in the mainline kernel at some point in
the not-too-distant future.  It has proven very useful to me, I think it will be
useful for many others as well.

Kindest regards,

Bill Gatliff
bgat at

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