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bhanu jampala adams.ppc at
Fri May 30 07:23:59 EST 2008

Hi Guys,

I am running the basic PPC Linux on my PPC8270 BRD.
I have to write couple of driver on top of it finish the complete Linux

I have a external chips which controls simple switching, LCD control and
watch dog setup.
I need to write drivers for all of these devices.

I have written couple of driver before this, But, this is my first time to
port a BSP to Linux.
What is driver model that I can use to write on a platform like these.
Will the platform drivers make some sense?

I have read though some of the docs in 'driver-models' folder. I have a fiar
understanding about the Platform drivers.
I wrote one just to see how it works. But, I am not much clean on the
application of these driver models.

I have plans to submit my code to PPC kernel tree so please let me know what
is more appropriate.

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