porting pci driverfrom arch=ppc on kernel 2.6.16 to arch=powerpc on 2.6.24...

Mike Timmons mike_timmons at trimble.com
Wed May 7 03:39:35 EST 2008

I have a framebuffer driver for the Fujitsu CoralP that registers fine
with the PCI bus and operates for my new arch=powerpc 2.6.24 build. The
only thing that failed when jumping from arch=ppc on my 2.6.16 kernel to
my new 2.6.24 kernel is the interrupt request. While testing other
functionality I simply compiled-out the interrupt request because it is
not always critical for basic frame buffer operation. I'm back to
wanting the interrupt.


Specifically, I have a lite5200b-based board in both cases (2.6.14 and
2.6.24 kernels). Under the old ppc scheme I obtained irq=1 via a call to


pci_read_config_byte(pci_dev, PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE, &irqnum).


Under my new powerpc kernel 2.6.24 I obtain irq=0 and the subsequent
interrupt request fails. Also, a hard-coded irq=1 fails too. I know this
is an issue with NOT querying the device tree, but I'm not sure what to
specify in lite5200b.dts, or what property I need to query to get the
correct pci interrupt.


If anyone is familiar with lite5200b.dts, is all the info I need already
in there, or do I need to add my pci device? I've done some mucking
around in the dts file but I'm not a pci expert so I am a bit confused.

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