SKB corruption on heavy traffic

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  Thanks for your contribution! We will try it right away! :))
  As for patches, we also installed some patches provided by freescale and nothing so far... Still the same problems.
  I will post the results as soon as I can...

Thanks U ALL!

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Hi all!

The same problem! I've tried 2.4.xx and 2.6.xx kernels. Nothing changed!
BUT. After many days of fucking with fs_enet driver I've found a
stable (as I see) solution. The bugs I've had:
 - kernel oopses
 - SKB data corruption
 - BDs status corruption
 - SKB ring full message
 - too many RX errors
 - may be something else :)

For now I have a 2.4.35 fs_enet driver that works on heavy load
24/7... I don't know what happens with my 8260 board, but with this
code it be very stable. I supposed that there are some errors in 8260
CPM core, but errata don't know about it :)

I've append an attachment with my 2.4.35 kernel patch. Sorry for a big
file and not for only fs_enet file. Moreover I've used CPM111 errata
microcode and NAPI in fs_enet driver.

If you have any questions I'm glad to hear it.

2008/5/2  <Myron.Dixon at>:
> We have experience a very similar problem using a 2.4.18 kernel on an 8260 ppc processor.
>  We have a telecomunication product that for some time only used the fec for TCP/IP ethernet
>  traffic only and worked just fine.
>  After we upgraded our product to implement TDM data over IP we started to notice an occasional
>  kernel oops.  We began to evaluate all of our products and determined that only some of the units
>  exhibted this behaviour at various rates of occurrence.  Further evaluation revealed that the pointers
>  located in dpram pointing to the fec's buffer descriptors were some how getting corrupted.
>  Note that the 8260 has 4 internal scc/fccs and we use all four for various aspects of our application
>  and each shares dpram for pointers to buffer descriptors that reside in sdram.  However, only the
>  fec that is used for IP experiences this buffer descriptor corruption and, then, apparently, only under
>  heavy traffic load.  We spent about six months evaluating this problem including contacting freescale,
>  but never found a solution.  We finally, decided to use an external ethernet chip on a daughter card
>  for our IP channel.
>  It is, however, our belief that our problem relates to a possible bug in the 8260 CPM, but have yet to
>  absolutely prove this.
>  If we are experiencing the same problem (and potentially others) and there is a solution we would be
>  very interested, as, we are not happy about the daughter card solution.
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>  From our latest debugs we found that the problem occurs mainly on skbuff code. After some variable time kfree or kalloc result in kernel oops.
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>  Hello!
>         Thank you for replying!
>         It't quite dificult to say if the problem exists without our changes, since the all software is dependent on this changes so to work with the hardware. I can't answer to that right now on that, but I forgot to add one thing: we have ring buffer full problems on our fcc_enet driver from time to time. So, I think the problem could be on linux configurations (related to hw) because there is a lot of posts on the web related to problems similar to this (none of them has really solved the bottom problem).
>  Regards,
>  Filipe
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>  On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 07:39:07PM +0100, Franca, Jose (NSN - PT/Portugal - MiniMD) wrote:
>  >       We are developing a MPC8247 based telecom board (512MB), using linux
>  > 2.4 with some proprietary changes on IP stack and we are facing some
>  > problems when we have heavy traffic on our Ethernet interfaces...
>  Do you see these problems without the proprietary changes, and with a current kernel?
>  -Scott
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