treeImage vs cuImage

Darcy Watkins DWatkins at
Sat May 3 00:14:27 EST 2008


I am upgrading my BSP to 2.6.25 and notice cuImage and treeImage.  The
source files both say Old U-Boot compatibility.

Someone please educate me (or point me to a good URL that explains) as
to what the difference is.

I want to be able to load the kernel image using an older U-Boot and
currently use cuImage for 2.6.23 arch/powerpc (and plain uImage for
older kernels under arch/ppc).

Eventually, I want to generate both an old U-Boot compatible image and a
new U-boot compatible image.

I notice that some boards, the boot support is all in one file, in
others, it is split between cuboot-<board>.c and <board>.c.  In the case
of ebony board, I see support for both cuImage and treeImage.  Is the
strcuture into multiple files to ensure that ebony supports both of
these and new U-boot support as well?

I would like to make my BSP modules lean and clean enough to eventually
send back upstream to

Also, if there are common snags / pitfalls I need to watch out for
switching my BSP and DTS from 2.6.23 to 2.6.25, please warn me.

I am using AMCC PPC405EP processor.

Thanks in advance.



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