video driver problems on set top box board

BAK khaled.benamor at
Sat Mar 29 03:12:40 EST 2008

I am working ST set top box board and I need help to resolve some problems.
if you 're working on set top box or you have experience with them these are
more detailed informations:

I am using a set top box board : STB442 based on STi7109 chip. I use STAPI
(drivers provided by ST) with STlinux kernell. I have some problems with a
module (named mme_host) which must be inserted with arguments (insmod
mme_host.ko transport0=<arguments_to_be_used>). This operation causes the
following error :
insmod: error inserting '/home/bakhaled/modules/mme/mme_host.ko': -1
Operation not permitted
I tried to insert the module without arguments (insmod mme_host.ko) and
this was successful. But when I try to run a test program for video ,
after inserting that mme module without arguments, the system crash down.
(don't execute console commands).
Has any one experienced this type of problems?
Have you any solutions ?
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