ppc platform for AMCC-440EPx - ELDK to the rescue

Steve Heflin sheflin at newagemicro.com
Fri Mar 28 07:36:45 EST 2008

>In reply to my message <20080326130837.762DBDE2FB at ozlabs.org>
> > I finally resolved my nightmare of getting linux-2.6.24/5... to work
> > on my AMCC-440Epx - Sequoia spinoff board. Following a clue I derived
> > from a reply from Wolfgang Denx, I went to the DENX Engineering site
> > where I discoved and downloaded the ELDK for the ppc_4xxFP. the ELDK
> > uses the ppc platform instead of the powerpc platform.  FINALLY the
Wolfgang replied At 06:22 PM 3/26/2008:
>This is not exactly correct. Actually it supports both.

Ah thank you for that info.  I only said what I said because the 
4xxFP installation set things up to use the arch/ppc and to my 
delight, it worked!  I look forward to and will do all I can to help 
get the arch/powerpc platform working on my Sequoia spin-off board.

I sent you email regarding my inability to do a ELDK build from 
scratch, did you get that? I'm trying to build it under a fully 
updated Fedora 7 system, and it hits the error:
   LD unable to locate -lssabi_krb5 .  Any clue?

thanks so much for your help,

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