system call ioctl() problem

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Wed Mar 26 23:04:41 EST 2008


??? wrote:
> hi,all
>   Here is a question I didn't make out, i wonder if anybody can figure 
> it out. My platform is mpc8540 with graphics chip Fujitsu MB86296, my 
> kernel version is <>. I'm about to write a 
> gfxdriver so DirectFB can call this gfxdriver to make MB86296 do some 
> drawing things. I wrote a program to test if the MB86296 drawing 
> registers can be read and written. here is some part of the pragram:


> ioctl(3, 0x20004d2f, 0x7fe47914)        = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
> write(1, "ioctlReadRes[0]=484,ioctlReadRes"...,
> 45ioctlReadRes[0]=484,ioctlReadRes[1]=30026f58
> ) = 45
> munmap(0x32028000, 4096)                = 0
> exit_group(45)                          = ?
> from above, I think the problem is in ioctl call, which shows "EINVAL 
> (Invalid argument)", so I added printk() to xx_ioctl() in fb driver, and 
> it showed xx_ioctl() was not called .Then I checked xx_ioctl() was 
> right.  where is my problem? how to call ioctl() right??

probably, your problem is missing mb86290-driver specific ioctl
hook in the "mb86290fb_ops" structure definition in

Ensure that this structure definition contains something like this:

.fb_ioctl = mb86290fb_ioctl,

Without this assignment only generic framebuffer ioctl will be called,
maybe therefore you can not see driver specific ioctl call. Generic
ioctl "doesn't understand" FBIO_MB86290_READ_DRAW_REG argument and
simply returns -EINVAL.

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