interrupt handlers PowerPC via GCC

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at
Wed Mar 26 13:50:12 EST 2008

Tehn Yit Chin wrote:
> Hey Scott,
> Thanks for the reply, I shall investigate further.
> I wasn't talking about interrupt handlers in Linux as such, but using
> powerpc-eabi-gcc to write an ISR for the MPC5516. (I guess that could be
> off-topic on this mailing list, but I thought the folks on this mailing list
> would probably know the answer pretty easily). I was hoping that gcc would
> generate the prologue and epilogue code for me via the interrupt attributes.
    I know nothing about GCC's interrupt attributes,
    however, there is no problem writing ISR's  from scratch (no OS)
    for the ppc. There are several boot loaders, monitors etc. out there
with examples.
     There is even one inside the Linux Kernel source - though it i
probably far more complex than you need.

    Somewhere I have something for the ppc405 I can send you - but most
ppc's are similar.

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