interrupt handlers PowerPC via GCC

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Mar 21 04:18:24 EST 2008

Tehn Yit Chin wrote:
> Hi all,
> Apologies for such a basic question. I am trying to write an ISR on a
> MPC551x. When I tried to use the interrupt attribute with
> powerpc-eabi-gcc such as
> _attribute_((interrupt_handler)) foobarISR(void)
> {
> }

Assuming you're talking about an interrupt handler in Linux, you don't 
need to do anything like that.  The actual interrupt entry is assembly 
code.  Search existing drivers for "irqreturn_t" to find examples of 
what an interrupt handler looks like, and "request_irq" for how to hook 
the handler into the interrupt.


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