Compile time error, compiling Xilinx Linux 2.6 for XPS LLTEMAC

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You should be able to contact your Xilinx sales rep for details on
Virtex-5 FX as well as roadmap information.  The Virtex-5 FXT product is
coming soon and should be announced within the next month or so.  I
can't provide details, but your technical sales contact should be able
to give you more info on timelines etc...


As for EDK releases, Xilinx typically releases two per year (e.g., EDK
9.1 and 9.2 were both released in 2007).  EDK 10.1 is scheduled for
release before summer, and should be the only release in 2008 (with some
service packs throughout the year).   There shouldn't be any major
differences from EDK 9.2.02 regarding IP/drivers.





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Ok, thanks for guidance,

by the way it is interesting for me to hear about EDK 10.1 from u steve,

EDK 9.2 has been around just for a little time and you are going to

What about future plan of xilinx about Virtex-5 FX? does this tool
consider that? 
the future plan is really important for our development team. let me
give a simple example, our dev team worked on the design of our system
based on PLB and OPB buses for some thing near 6 month, just then EDK
9.2.02 released and suddenly we forced to change all of the designs and
to define new activities specially focusing on MPMC. we did never
consider MPMC before, but the release of EDK 9.2 changed every thing. 

Now, that would be nice, if we can know your future plan a little, that
would help us to generate correct and real gant charts. and to assign
human resources correctly. this is also true for the project budget. We
know that Virtex-5 devices are really capable of doing better things
than Virtex-4, specially the PCI express option is great and very usable
for us, but we have not moved to virtex-5 yet, because there is no FX
series or at least we do not know your plan about it. Our managers we
seriously asking us if we have to move to Virtex-5 soon, we did not have
any reasonable answer for them because we do not have any info from u at



Subject: RE: Compile time error, compiling Xilinx Linux 2.6 for XPS
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Ah, thanks mike...  you knocked the answer loose out of my brain...

In EDK 9.2., the ll_temac generates either SDMA or FIFO defines, as
The platform data structure contains entries for both, with the correct
ones being ignored.  In order to get the code to compile, there are some
defines in xparameters.h which have:


after including xparameter_ml403.h

I'm guessing maybe you overwrote the xparameters.h file and got rid of
these redefines?  You can define it to be whatever you want, since the
value will be ignored if you are using SDMA.

In EDK 10.1, the BSP generator will always generate all the defines
(even ones which are not sensible in the current configuration), which
avoids the above annoyances.


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That interrupt is defined if you build a xps_ll_temac with the
xps_ll_fifo interface. Since you already stated that you're using the
mpmc, I'm going to assume that you have it connected to a SDMA
controller on the mpmc. As such the driver should be looking for that
definition, and not the FIFO interrupt. I don't have your version of the
virtex_devices.c to have a reference as to how the platform device is
being defined, so hopefully either Stephen N can chime in w/ more
information, or point me to the version of the virtex_devices.c that
you're using and I can try to provide some more assistance.

-- Mike


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Subject: Compile time error, compiling Xilinx Linux 2.6 for XPS LLTEMAC


that should be a small problem, and i think that its solution should be

I generate a base system using EDK 9.2.02 , the base system contains
XPS_LL_TEMAC , MPMC and other components,
I generate the software libraries and copy xparameters file into proper
kernel folder. I configure that kernel and add kernel support for

while doing make I encounter this error:

arch/ppc/syslib/virtex_devices.c:455: error:
'XPAR_LLTEMAC_0_LLINK_CONNECTED_FIFO_INTR' undeclared here (not in a

I think that this definition should be available in xparameters_ml403.h
file but i see that there is no such definition.
I added a dummy definition for myself there to complete kernel
compilation, don't know the correct value for it of course.



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