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Your problem is simple, you just have to add one interruption in your BSP
Regerate the bitstream and xparamters. And compile your kernel with the new
xparameters file.
And it will be ok.

Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 08:30:31 +0000
From: Mohammad Sadegh Sadri <mamsadegh at>
Subject: Compile time error, compiling Xilinx Linux 2.6 for XPS
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that should be a small problem, and i think that its solution should be

I generate a base system using EDK 9.2.02 , the base system contains
XPS_LL_TEMAC , MPMC and other components, I generate the software libraries
and copy xparameters file into proper kernel folder. I configure that kernel
and add kernel support for XPS_LL_TEMAC.

while doing make I encounter this error:

arch/ppc/syslib/virtex_devices.c:455: error:
'XPAR_LLTEMAC_0_LLINK_CONNECTED_FIFO_INTR' undeclared here (not in a

I think that this definition should be available in xparameters_ml403.h file
but i see that there is no such definition. 
I added a dummy definition for myself there to complete kernel compilation,
don't know the correct value for it of course.


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