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I am using an AMCC PPC405EP based system and find that the following


Development / build machine --> Fedora core 6 or 7 on x86 PC

Cross compile and target rootfs generation --> Buildroot

Linux kernel (at least to start with) --> from DENX ELDK 4.1


Of course, you can use the cross compile environment from ELDK if you
like.  I used it at first (had a very good out-of-box experience on AMCC
Taihu with it) and then switched to Buildroot later. <>  for ELDK / kernel <>  for


I am presently using the Linux kernel with I-Pipe real time
extension (2.3.0) from the Xenomai project - as bundled in ELDK 4.1 by
DENX.  I have also experimented with some newer stuff, but this involves
diving into the board support migration from arch/ppc to arch/powerpc
which is still pretty bleeding edge. is pretty safe and not too
old - and is probably the newest available with RT option while still
being in the arch/ppc tree.


Don't attempt to have buildroot automatically build the kernel for you
as part of its config - that may cause you grief as their integration
for PowerPC kernels appears hit-and-miss for 40x series due to all the
arch/ppc versus arch/powerpc stuff.  Also, the buildroot automatic
kernel generation doesn't include RT support (in case you need it).









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I'm setting up a new development environment to get a working port of
Linux on the Xilinx Virtex-4 chip  (I have a Xilinx ML403 board).  I'm
looking for the quickest way to get a working development environment
for the 2.6 kernel without paying thousands of $$ 


I guess what I am looking for is advise on the lowest risk, easiest to
set up environment to setup that will just work.  Also advise on which
kernel to use. 



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