GPIO on 8360 from dts par_io?

Michael Galea michaelgalea at
Fri Jun 27 00:38:29 EST 2008


I'm on 2.6.24 and need to get some GPIOs up and running on my 8360.  I 
think one way I can do it is to modify my dts to add to a pio to my 
par_io node, find it with of_find_node_by_name and install it with 

1) Is this the best way to do the job?  booting-without-of doesn't have 
much advice for me..
2) Now that I have the GPIOs up, what can I use the get and set them 
from the kernel?

I understand GPIO management is coming/here in later kernels but I need 
to stick to 2.6.24 for the time being.


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